Keep your pet’s safety in the external areas of the house, without the need to build a wall or fence

Having your dog confined to the backyard area and a certain area of the house, should not be ideal. This arouses his curiosity and, when he least thinks about it, he could run away in any carelessness or leave the door open. There are owners who choose to put a chain and keep them tied to a strategic place in the yard. This does not represent a practical or comfortable solution for the animal, because when it has to go out to pursue or defend the territory, it will be unable to move.

Best Invisible Dog Fence

In addition, to tie a dog is a somewhat inhuman action, because they are made to run, be active and in freedom. In this way, they will grow healthy and with great strength, they will be faithful guardians of the house and its surroundings.

It would be ideal if your pet could walk in the garden, without running the risk that at any time, he could go chasing another animal, instinctively, and could be run over by a car or a bicycle.

Another danger is represented by the one who goes out to explore the surroundings and does not realize that he is leaving home, leading as a consequence that he is lost and does not know how to return. This would be a great sadness for the family group and they would live in a situation of anguish, which can be avoided.

In some counties and urbanizations, it is not allowed to build walls in the perimeter of the houses, because the internal regulations prohibit the modification of the facades or there are norms that require that all the exterior areas remain in equal conditions.

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If you do not know how to solve this situation in the best possible way, without damaging the free movement of the dog, affecting your budget or making neighbors uncomfortable, we have a perfect solution for you and your pet.

What is the invisible fence and what are the reasons for using it?

We present the newest way to protect the safety of your dog, without having to modify any external aspect at home. It is the Invisible Dog Fence, even if you do not believe it, it’s a fence that will not allow your dog to go out or exceed the limits that you impose.

Implementing this type of system, you will be complying with all the ordinances required by your town planning and will ensure that your pet is safe and, at the same time, free of walls, chains or having to stay indoors.

The best invisible dog fence 2019 consists of a collar that is placed on the neck of the dog, which emits a small electric shock, each time the animal approaches the limit, fixed by a cable that is underground, shallow and is connected to a transmitter.

The collars are programmed to give a shock of electricity, which is not harmful to the animal and has as a fundamental objective, to get the dog to learn that when he approaches a certain place, he will feel the effect of the discharge.

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This system is used in some canine training centers, obtaining good results in a short time and with lasting effect. It is not harmful to the animal or to people in its environment, which may not be very advantageous, sometimes, but we will talk about this later.

The cable can be installed at ground level, taking special care not to make right angles in the corners, as it could damage the inside of the cable. Also, you can dig a small channel 10 centimeters deep and, it is recommended, place the cable inside a tube for protection.

In case of placing it elevated, the height of 30 centimeters must be respected, because at the higher height the signal loses coverage and the desired effect would not be achieved. Keep in mind that what you want is to establish a safe perimeter for the pet, select the most effective option.

What are the benefits of the invisible dog fence systems?

One of the main advantages is that it covers a large area, can reach up to 25 acres. This gives freedom to the animal and for those who have large areas and gives you peace of mind knowing that the dog will be safe.

Another of the positive qualities is that you can use it in large and small breeds, from 8 months of age. You can remove the collar at night or for short periods of time, for your dog to rest and prevent skin damage.

Speaking of cheap budget invisible dog fence represents the best option to lower costs. It only requires a change of battery, every 3 or 4 months and the installation price is quite cheaper than to build a wall or a metal fence. It is one of the most attractive features it offers.

You can also uninstall and move to another place, in case you move from home or move to another city. If the system is treated well and the installation standards are met, it can last a long time, since it is made of very resistant materials.

How to use the an invisible dog fence

Once the distance is marked and the cable fixed in its definitive position, it must be connected to a transmission generator, which must be installed in a place near an electrical outlet and protected from rain and sun to avoid accidents and equipment malfunction.

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Both ends of the cable must be connected to the generator. Also, the adapter that supplies electrical power must be plugged into the socket and connected to the generator, so that it stays charged.

The lights that indicate that the appliance is working correctly will light up. Once this part has been completed, it must be programmed together with the collar, which must contain the electrodes and the corresponding battery.

Finished this process, it will be ready to use in your pet. So, check that the limits are respected by the dog and verify that everything is according to how you arranged it. The security barriers can be modified up to a maximum of 1.5 meters.

5 Best Invisible Dog Fence Systems 2019

Each model has different characteristics and each one adapts to the basic needs of the user. We present a list of the designs of the best invisible dog fence 2019, with the most outstanding aspects of each.

1) Wireless Combo Electric Dog Fence 

This fence has very good acceptance among users. It is very versatile, offering the possibility of protecting specific areas, training several dogs at the same time and of different sizes. This is a perfect solution for the person who loves his pets.

Wireless Combo Electric Dog Fence

  • It’s the one with the most favorable Best Invisible Dog Fence Opinions
  • Bring two collars, each with battery, to use on two pets or change when one is unloaded, for dogs of 11 to 154 pounds.
  • It comes with 492 feet of cable and can be extended to cover 10 acres, acquiring more extra cable.
  • You can customize the system covering areas that you want to protect in a special way, such as flowers, swimming pools, etc.
  • You can train up to 3 dogs at the same time.
  • A year of warranty.

Wireless Combo Electric Dog Fence



  • Affordable in price
  • Two collars
  • Train up to 3 dogs


  • Remote control with only 10 levels of intensity and vibration

2) YOUTHINK Wireless Dog Fence

The training options are endless with YOUTHINK, only the control gives you a hundred correction probabilities for the animal. Surely, some of them will work for the dog. Although it is designed for small breeds and does not have a lot of loading time, it is quite practical and useful.

YOUTHINK Wireless Dog Fence

  • 2 in 1 system, training, and electric fence
  • Control range of 820 feet
  • The Control has a button for vibration and wireless mode
  • Suitable for dogs from 10 to 90 pounds
  • It has up to 100 degrees of intensity.
  • Raincoat

YOUTHINK Wireless Dog Fence



  • 100 degrees of intensity
  • wide control range
  • Wireless Mode


  • Little battery life, 12 hours

3) Best Hidden Dog Fence

With this fence, you can cover a large amount of land, ideal for farms and large spaces. It is worth the price, to have all your property safe and protected.You can also read reviews of PetSafe PIF-300 fence system because it’s a best fence for every pet.

Best Hidden Dog Fence

  • 5 levels of collar adjustment and works with radio waves.
  • has 955 feet of rugged cables, to cover 1.2 acres of land
  • The transmitter can cover up to 5 acres, for which you need to buy more cable
  • Lifetime warranty

Best Hidden Wireless Dog Fence



  • 5 Levels of Adjustment
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 5 acres coverage


  • It’s not cheap Invisible dog fence

4) In-Ground Pet Fence System

The key to the success of this equipment is in the cable because it can protect a greater amount of surface and with a cable 14 that, once installed, will be very durable.

In-Ground Pet Fence System

  • It has 1000 feet of cable, to cover 1 acre
  • Waterproof necklace, with vibration alert
  • 2 years warranty

In-Ground Pet Fence System



  • 1000 Feet of cable
  • 2 years warranty
  • Waterproof


  • Cable is very thick gauge and is not easy to adapt to the generator

5) FunAce In-Ground Dog Fence

In addition to the thick cable, it has a system that protects the rays, very safe for the pet and its owner. Remember that in open spaces, when there is a risk of thunderstorms, this is an excellent protection.

FunAce In-Ground Dog Fence

  • 500 feet of cable
  • Waterproof necklace.
  • 3 forms of border control
  • Indicates when the cable breaks, with a sound and light signal in the generator, even if it is below the ground.
  • It has protection in case of storms with lightning.

FunAce In-Ground Dog Fence



  • 500 Feet of cable
  • 3 forms of border control
  • Waterproof


  • The extra-thick wire of 0,5 mm
  • 90 days warranty for all the components of the equipment

Invisible Fence VS Wireless Dog Fence System

When you think about buying a house or moving to an urbanism, where houses cannot have fences or walls, because this goes against the legal provisions, you must think very well what you will do with your pet, if you already have it or if you want to have one in the future.

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These open spaces, do not represent any security for the animal and may happen to go out and be run over or attack other dogs, or even other people. Surely, you do not want to be involved in a situation of this type and to avoid it, you must take into account the correct way to secure the area.

There is nothing more pleasant than watching your dog playing and running with the children in the yard, without the risk of an accident happening. That’s why it’s important to install the invisible dog fence you can have around your house.

Advise yourself with the distributors of the invisible dog fences, in relation to the characteristics of the area you wish to protect. How many meters of cable do you need to complete the security of the yard? which is the necklace that best suits the dimensions of your pet

How long life has the battery in the collar and on the weight specifications, the size of the electrodes, so they do not damage the delicate skin of the animal. Search among the various options for remote control and system configuration that currently exist.

You can choose the cheap invisible dog fence combo, which comes with additional spare parts, such as electrodes or connectors to facilitate the replacement of an element, in case of any damage. There are also designs that do not have a lot of cable meters.


Select the one that offers the longest warranty and is easy to install and operate. Do not be afraid to ask questions and consult as many times as necessary, remember that the life of your pet depends on that.


Keep a regular check on the components of the fence. From time to time, check if the cables are in place and properly connected, the battery charge and the signals that the generator emits. Most of the equipment emits sound and light signals, so you should be aware of any change that is recorded.


A point to highlight is that the best invisible dog fence 2019 can protect your pet from external dangers and situations, but cannot protect it from another dog in the neighborhood or another intruder who enters the security perimeter and is attacked by your natural instinct.


Among the most common brands and best reviews of Best Invisible Dog Fence, you’ll find in the market are the Invisible Fence Tech R21 Replacement Collar PTPIR-003-10-K, Close Petsafe, Extreme Dog Fence (close to extreme dogs), Youthink Pet, training collar with remote control and many more.


As additional information, we will add that these products have the full support of organizations such as the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


So if you want to protect your faithful friend, place a hidden fence and give him the freedom to run at ease and reassure himself that his pet is safe and protected.

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