2 Best Wireless Dog Fence For Large Dogs Reviews 2019

When we have pets at home, we have to be responsible for their care, nutrition, and health. One of the points that most concern us is the safety of the animal then check the large dog fence, especially if it is on the outside of the house.

In the properties with gardens and large patios, which are not fenced, dogs have a lot of freedom of movement and are not aware of the danger they run because they are so close to the street. In these cases, they are susceptible to being hit by a car or a bicycle.

There are people who own large dogs, who need a larger area to move and who cannot be locked up at home because they have to run and play, especially if there are children at home.

If the pet is small, it can be kept at home for longer and it is easier to live with it because it does not take up much space to rest or feed. However, every pet needs to be outdoors and exercise or walk, at least once a day.

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  • Radial-Shape Dog Electronic Fence

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  • PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay & Play Wireless Fence

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Best Dog Fences For Large Dogs Reviews

Radial-Shape Dog Electronic Fence | Havahart Wireless Fence

This wireless dog fence for large dogs offers a wide coverage area of 40 to 400 feet so that the pet can have space. It has a novel radial shape, which allows better data transmission between the Controller and the collar.

This innovation makes the shooting area 3 to 6 feet and sends a soft correction, according to the selected configuration. This radial system manages to keep two dogs under control at the same time.

Radial-Shape Dog Electronic Fence

It has 5 static correction tones and one already established. When the dog escapes from the roaming zone, the system waits 30 seconds to stop the corrections, which means that for 30 seconds the collar will be rectifying the dog, but if it returns to the area before the time, it will stop.

Also, it has a method that allows warning inside the house, if the dog leaves the safe area. This system is perfect for homes that are at least 30 feet away from the street, that do not have many trees or slopes around them, that obstruct the signal.

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For optimal performance of the wireless dog fence for large dogs, training is important 2 or 3 times daily and in short sessions of 15 minutes, to accustom the pet to the system.

It is necessary to emphasize that, each animal is different and respond differently to the training. If you have two dogs, you must train them separately. For best results, you can complete the 5 steps indicated in the Instruction Manual.

The collar is waterproof, weighs 1.76 ounces and is designed for dogs with necks of 14 to 26 inches. It comes with 2 batteries, each lasting between 1 to 3 days, depending on the activity of the dog.

The equipment consists of the controller, cable of the power adapter, strips and screws to fix it to the wall, Havahart necklace with short and long tips, 2 batteries with charger, 75 flags for training, manual and instruction DVD.


  • The greater coverage area of up to 400 feet
  • Security is better thanks to the Roaming communication system
  • Raincoat
  • Can be used on two large dogs
  • Bring 2 rechargeable batteries


  • It is not recommended in houses that do not have much space between them, because Roaming interferes with the neighbor’s house.
  • It is not available for sale.

PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay & Play Wireless Fence

This design has a transmitter to adapt to the current, receiver charger and is portable. It covers an area of 105 feet and a circular area of up to 0.75 acres. It has a light test system, points and contact key.

PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay & Play Wireless Fence

 The collar can be adjusted to dogs from 5 pounds weight, with necks from 6 to 23 “and recharged in a maximum of 3 hours. It has 5 correction modes and an additional one for training and can be configured in 2 hours.

It comes in black, is made of fabric, its total weight is 4.5 pounds and includes 50 flags, plus the guide to operate it and train the dog. The price of a single device is $ 299.95, but there are special costs for 2 and up to 5 dogs for an amount of $ 889.95.


  • Easy to carry
  • Quick configuration
  • It is possible to control up to 5 dogs
  • Light test system


  • It covers 105 feet
  • It is not waterproof

How to keep your dog safe with a good fence?

For the owners it is a great concern that your dog is in the yard or the garden, exposed to many risks and should look for ways to protect them, without restricting their mobility; that is, without placing chains or enclosing them in a specific area.

That is why the wireless dog fence for large dogs has been created. This system is ideal to solve the issue of animal safety, in the area determined by the owner. It can cover a fairly large area very effectively.

Likewise, it is a very simple procedure to install and it is much more economical than placing a fence around the perimeter, which would cause lack of visibility and it is very possible that in the urbanization where it lives, this type of fences is not allowed.

There are many models and brands to choose from in the market, their characteristics and advantages are varied and the client must select the one that best suits what he needs. The cheap wireless dog fence represents a saving of money, but you have to evaluate if it offers all the security that your pet needs.

Invisible Vs Electric Dog Fence – Which is best for Large Dogs?

They are wireless systems that form a protective barrier around the house, defined by the owner, within which the dog is safe. When the dog approaches the safety limit, the collar is activated and receives a correction signal.

The intensity of the shock depends on the configuration made by the owner of the pet. The dog should be trained before placing the collar so that it gets used to the restriction area. These devices are manageable and easy to install and configure.

Electric dog fences for large dogs

These devices are based on an electrical circuit and are made with a cable that can be buried in the ground or at the level of the floor. The wire emits signals to a transmitter and the dog passes through the safety area, activating the collisions in the collar

The installation of this fence is more complicated because you have to open a trench and when the cable deteriorates, you have to replace it to continue working properly. It is not practical if you plan to move and take the system to another house.


The safety of pets is very important for our peace of mind. To have total control of the area where the dog is moving, it is necessary to have a wireless dog fence system for large dogs.

This will allow us to have the animal in freedom, but protected within the area that we determine. In case of an animal escape, these devices will alert us and we can locate it in a short time.

Definitely, whatever control we establish at home, we will have the certainty that the dog will be able to play free and happy, without fear of being lost or suffering some unfortunate accident. For the welfare of our pet, it is worth buying and installing these types of fences at home.

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