Top 4 Best Portable Outdoor Dog Fence 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

Today, You are going to get the best portable dog fence. In this short buyer guide, You will get ideas about the best moveable outdoor fences, and you able to buy the cheap outdoor fence for your dog. You can also read about camping fences if you are making a plan to buy it for camping.

best portable dog fence

Having a pet at home taking a lot of responsibility, you must ensure the physical integrity of the animal in the external areas of the house, especially in homes that do not have the proper protection in the garden.

In this sense, they have created a variety of fences that protect the animal, both outdoors inside the house. Just define the system that best suits you and enjoys the peace of mind of having the pet in a protected area. See how Long Range dog fence works.

To know which is the best, you should consider many aspects related to the place where you are going to install, the type of material and the conditions related to the dog, such as size, character, and personality, with which a more effective result will be obtained.

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Portable Dog Fence 2020

Invisible FenceFeaturesPrice
Oxgord Heavy DutyGood For Camping
BestPet FenceEasy To Carry
IRIS Exercise PlayPenGood For RV
IRIS Exercise Pet PlaypenGood For Home Depot

There are fences for all kinds of needs, from the underground, which include the mode of issuing an alarm to alert when the pet goes from the security limits previously established by the owner to the fence of portable dog for the patio, which is easier to install and manage.

You get the advantage of keeping the dog in a limited space, to be able to control it better. Once the dog adapts to this type of protection, it will be possible to keep the door open and activate it, only, if necessary.

They are ideal for the dog to get used to a new puppy at home, the arrival of small children and visits from strangers, to avoid possible accidents or keep it safe, in case the owner has to leave home and I wanted to leave it safe.

The ease of installation is one of the most important aspects of this type of go, the weight so light, allows you to move it anywhere in the house in a simple way. In addition, it can be disassembled and stored in any space in the house.

At the same time, it is resistant to climatic factors, to the materials with which it is manufactured, so it can be left installed in the garden, without the danger that the sun, water, or wind may affect it.

Top 4 Best Portable Dog Fence Reviews

To select the most suitable portable fence for each pet, a selection of 4 different models is presented, which offer several possibilities to keep the dog safe at home or somewhere to go on vacation. The best fence considers durable, affordable, packable, and easy to use. We narrow down our guide for those dog owner’s who looking for dog fence for camping, for home depot use. And for RV use so spare your time to read this guide to get a valid fence for your dog.

1) Oxgord Heavy Duty Portable Metal Exercise Dog Playpen

Oxgord Heavy Duty Portable Playpen

The oxgord heavy duty playpen manufactured by the company to Paws & Pals, belonging to the company Oxgord, is one of the most versatile that can be found in the market. It is made with a resistant tube of half an inch, specific for heavy loads.

It consists of eight parts, which allows you to configure it in different ways. Each of the panels is independent and can be assembled and disassembled in a simple way. Once finished riding, it has an area that spans 30 square feet.

It comes with different measures, to choose the height that best suits your pet’s breed, from the 24-inch for small dogs, going through the 32-inch for medium-sized breeds, and reaching the 40-inch that are portable fences for large dogs.

The structure of the panels is made of very resistant metal, which prevents oxidation, despite being exposed to water. This feature makes oxgord heavy duty playpen perfect to install, both outside the house and inside.

Thanks to the round shape of the panels at the top, it avoids any type of accident keeping the dog protected. The coated tubes offer long life and prevent tube corrosion.

Oxgord Heavy Duty Dog Pen – 32 Inch

This fence offers a size in panels of 30.25 inches high and 32 inches wide. The tube has a thickness of half an inch, enough resistance, and very easy to assemble and collect, to be able to move it to wherever it goes.

The material is extremely light and can be folded, for easy transport. The union of each panel is resistant, for greater strength of the piece. The interior size of the area is 30,175 square feet.

The portable fences for camping come in silver and are made up of 7 parts, having a radius of 73 inches. Each panel occupies an area of 6.5 inches horizontally and 1.5 inches vertically, covering a circumference of 242 inches.

The size it has from one side to the other is 24 inches, with a depth from front to back of 4 inches. The full weight of the fence is 40 pounds, making it very easy to load.

Oxgord Heavy Duty Dog Pen – 24 Inch

It is very simple to perform the installation, without using any type of tool. It can be assembled in different ways, adapting to several spaces. Also, you can expand to buy more than one fence and join them together; this will accommodate several pets at a time.

The steel material is very durable and does not rust easily. It comes with strong anchors, to achieve fix it to the ground and turn it into a quite resistant cage for pets. The flat shape of the panels provides greater convenience for storage and has a front door for animal access.

The complete package has a weight of 35 pounds and measures 13 x 17 x 7 inches, for a comfortable transfer and to be able to take it in the vehicle or store it anywhere in the house, when it is not being used.

Oxgord Heavy Duty Dog Pen – 40 Inch

The portable dog fence home depot for dogs has the same features as the previous models, the only difference being the height of the panels that reach 40 inches. The complete package has measures of 40 x 30 x 32 inches and has a weight of 52.18 pounds.


  • Keep the dog safe in an area of 30 square feet
  • Simple to install and disassemble
  • You can take it anywhere
  • Quite light
  • Different measures of 24, 32 and 40 inches
  • Adjustable to any dimension
  • Extensible with the acquisition of several panels
  • Port of access to the pet
  • Good price
  • Resistant to rust
  • For internal and external use


  • It is not recommended for animals that can jump and be restless

In certain consumers, the situation arose that their pets came out of the fence, especially in the smaller ones, for which they awarded the score of 4.5 in a range of 5 points. In general, the system works as expected.

2) BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog

BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen

The BestPet playpen for dogs is perfect to preserve the safety of the animal and also of the family, as the height of the panels provides the best guarantee that the smallest of the house, stay away from the fence and cannot enter it.

The owner of the pet will be sure that the animal will stay inside the cage and if you want to expand the space for the dog to move more freely, you can purchase several panels and turn it into a larger area. size.

This activity can be done in a simple way, without the need to use sophisticated technology or complex tools. It can be designed in various ways, according to the space it has and can be assembled as an octagon, a rectangle or a square, everything will depend on the taste and needs of the user.

The installation is done in a very short time and following simple instructions. In the same way, the procedure to collect it is not complicated, which indicates that it is practical and requires the least possible time to put your pet in good safety, without the need to look for specialized staff.

The material with which it is made allows us to place it in external areas of the house, the antioxidant metal, provides strength and durability, even in extreme weather. Also, it can be installed in the internal areas of the house, which will achieve better conservation of the cage.

Each of its panels has a fairly lightweight, the design that allows to bend the fence of the dog in a practical way and makes it a perfect fence, to take pets on vacation to anyplace outdoors.


It is very safe and once installed it is quite resistant, it can be assembled in multiple styles, with only acquiring a greater number of panels, giving the pet freedom of movement. The strength and durability of its panels of 40 inches provide the assurance that the pet cannot leave the unlimited space.

The package to send it has a total weight of 56.9 pounds, the measures of the fence are 40 x 30 x 32 inches and have a weight of 52.8 pounds, making it easy to take anywhere and convenient to store it at home.


  • Practice to assemble and disassemble
  • Versatile
  • Can take any form
  • Possibility of expansion
  • Adequate height
  • Rust-resistant material
  • Front door


  • It must be installed correctly, for greater fixation

The ratings of the users place it in a 4.3 in a score of 5. This is because, in some cases, there were problems in the delivery system and the parts arrived a bit damaged.

3) IRIS Exercise Panel Pet Playpen Fence

IRIS Exercise Panel Pet Playpen

This portable plastic dog fence manufactured by IRIS USA, Inc., comes in white. The eight panels have a height of 34 inches, a door for the entrance and exit of the pet. Its compact size makes it easy to carry anywhere and, once assembled, provides 21 square feet for the pet to move.

The dimensions of the panels are between 24.6 inches and the size of the door is 14.5 inches wide, enough height for dogs of any size. The spaces that exist in the panel have a measurement of 1.5 inches, which is quite safe to avoid accidents.

The recreational area of this mobile fence for dogs can be enlarged, acquiring more sets of panels and attaching them to the fence. It is made of plastic material, with excellent strength and durability, so it does not rust and is lighter. Each panel has a size of 63 inches wide, 63 inches long and 34 inches high.

The system of union between the panels is with metal safety rods, to give more firmness to the whole. The parts come with legs protected with a rubber, which prevents the displacement of the pieces on the floor, making it more firm, stable, and contributing to not damaging the floor.

Thanks to its strong plastic material can be easily cleaned, using products designed for that purpose. It can be assembled giving it the shape required by the available space, be it octagonal, square, and rectangular or adjusted to the wall.

It provides a space of 21 square feet for the pet to perform exercises, games, be trained in a safe place, or in the case that the owner has to leave her alone at home and prevent harm or mischief.


Made of very durable plastic that resists environmental conditions, so it can be installed in the garden or inside the house, it has a system of metal cranks to join each panel, with a locking system that blocks the movement of the panels.

Installation is simple and a screwdriver is required to fix the parts. If panels are required to cover a larger area, a set of additional parts can be purchased.

Once installed has 21 square feet, for the pet to move. The panels are 34 inches high, enough to hold a pet of any size. The width measurements are 24.6 inches and each panel has a distance of 1.5 inches between them.

The front entrance door looks 20 inches high and 14.5 wide, ideal for any race. The weight of the package is 25.8 pounds, having a size of 63 x 63 x 34.2 inches. It comes in delicate white frost, to enhance the space where it is installed.

It can be installed in any way you want and its parts do not move, because it has legs covered with rubber that are fixed to the floor. The plastic fence panels for dogs can be easily washed and their material is strong and durable.


  • Lightweight
  • Simple to install
  • Plastic resistant
  • Do not rust
  • Panels high
  • Front door
  • A crank system to fix the panels
  • Rubber-coated shoes
  • It adapts to any shape
  • Brinda 21 square feet of space to the pet
  • It can be expanded with additional panels
  • Easy to wash
  • Practice to carry


  • It is not stable for races that have a large size

IRIS Exercise Panel Pet Playpen with Door - 34 Inch

[/alert-note]The opinions of the users qualify it in 4.2 out of 5 points, because they present difficulties in containing very large or very restless races. The material of this portable puppy fence is prone to movement, by the animal and on certain occasions, they have left the fence.[/alert-note]

4) IRIS Exercise Pet Playpen – Outdoor fence for small dogs

IRIS Exercise Panel Pet Playpen

The IRIS fence is made up of 8 parts that come together, providing a safe area for games or exercises, which can be installed both inside the house to keep the dog trained, and in the external areas.

It is made of fairly resistant plastic material, it uses legs protected with rubber that prevents slipping and protects the floor. Its installation is very simple since it has rods that connect each of the panels and make the connection stable.

Once installed, the panels are 63 inches wide, 63 inches long and 34 inches high. It can be purchased in two models, with a front door or without a door, if you want to establish a closed area and keep the dog safe.

In the model with a door in the front, it is installed with double steel parts, to give greater strength to the entrance and better movement. The door has a dimension of 20 inches high and 14.5 wide, for easy access by the dog.

All parts are easy to clean and the steel parts are resistant to rust. It comes in blue and the measurements of the panels are 34 inches high and 24.6 inches wide, offering a space of 21 square feet for the pet to exercise. The full weight of the fence is 24 pounds and the package size is 63 x 63 x 34.2 inches.


Portable fences for large dogs consists of 8 panels, which are joined with connections made with rods. It can be purchased with a door or without a door. The model with door features joints with double steel, for greater stability. It has legs covered with rubber material, which does not move for the protection of the floor.

It is easy to install and clean easily. It comes in blue and measures 34 inches tall by 24.6 wide, with a door 20 inches high by 14.5 inches wide, provides 21 square feet for the dog to move.

The plastic material is quite resistant and additional panels can be purchased to expand the area. This portable fence for small dogs can be adjusted to any space in the house, placed in a square, octagonal, rectangular, or circular shape.


  • Practice to assemble
  • Light
  • It comes in two models, with a door or without a door
  • Panels 34 inches high
  • Strong plastic material
  • Bags protected with rubber
  • Simple to clean it


  • Large dogs can knock down the structure

The comments of the clientele provide a score of 4.1 out of 5, the claims are related to the stability of the fence when you have dogs with very restless behavior since they do not stay inside the fence.

Best Portable Dog Fence For Camping, Home Depot RV

Well, dog security and safety is our first priority and we know that it’s important for us to keep them safe and happy. We design this guide so you know those portable fences which you can use in your home, for camping, for home depot, and for RV. These top 4 fences are perfect for every kind of use. They are easy to carry not much in size. The way you carry your bags for camping you also carry the movable dog fence of your dog.

Every dog owner doesn’t have much to design a custom playpen for his dog and if the owner does this what’s the guarantee for a long time. Is it reliable or not?

What should a Best Portable Dog fence Have?

To ensure that the pet will keep you within the optimal safety limits, inside and outside the house, several aspects should be considered when purchasing a portable fence for large or small dogs, which gives the owner peace of mind and protection to the pet.


The dimensions of the fence must be related to the space available at home or outside the garden. It has the possibility of adapting it in different ways and annexing additional panels to make it larger, if necessary. The standard size is 21 square feet.


It is advisable to select a portable dog fence for RV, such as plastic, which in turn is resistant and durable, this will help the fence is not too heavy, for transport, installation, and when it is disassembled.


The height of the portable panels for dogs must be in accordance with the breed and the size of the animal, being able to choose between models of 24 inches, for small puppies, and 34 inches of height, for larger animals.

Most of the procedures for mounting the fence are similar. Almost all have unions, which are assembled by connecting rod or connectors. In general, they are quite simple to assemble, you do not need sophisticated tools or professional help.

For interior and exterior

The existing portable dog fence for RV in the market can be adapted to the rooms of the house and to the external areas of the house, since they can be adjusted in any way, converting them into larger or smaller fences, according to the number of pets that you have and the space that is available.

Material and Design

When choosing a portable fence for dogs, it must be taken into account that the material is resistant, easy to clean and that it supports environmental and climatic conditions, such as rain and sun, to be able to install it in the garden or inside the house in any room that is required.

Another important detail is that the material is against bites and possible rips, that dogs could do. Keep in mind that pets can start to bite the panels and cause some damage.

Models that have a door in the front are more practical because the dog can enter by itself. The variety of colors is also an important point when assembling the fence inside the house, as it should look good and combine with the decoration.


Undoubtedly, if you are a person concerned about the safety and stability of your pet, this large movable dog fence is the perfect solution to keep the animal in a protected area and take care of your physical integrity, while you are not at home.

The diversity of designs that can be obtained is the key to be able to condition it anywhere and expand or decrease its size, as the case may be. The alternative of placing an access door is ideal for those who have several pets.

The materials to choose are also a great option since you can choose plastic or metal, both very resistant and with quite an attractive appearance, to add a touch of beauty to the environment in which the fence is dedicated.

The versatility of being able to design the shape of the cage is one of the most outstanding details of the portable fence. Achieving to adjust it to any place and converting it into a larger fence, with only add additional panels.

For all these reasons, it is worth having a portable fence for dogs, as it will ensure that pets are entertained and safe and the owners are calmer and more satisfied.

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