Having a dog is always exciting for many pet lovers. With that comes some extra responsibility, you know? Keeping them safe, feeding them, bathing, and even beddings are some things to consider. Do not forget about protecting them from being lost is also a big issue. So we need to keep a watch at all times.

With the high rate of missing pets, one may not help but wonder, the best means to keep our furry friends safe. In 2020, the GPS pet tracker is on the radar. Say goodbye to the days of pet chains and leashes, perimeter fence, crate or even sending the dog over to a friend’s place. Now, with Smart Dog trackers, you rest assured of where your pet may be at any particular time.

Best GPS Dog Trackers Reviews

The Dog GPS tracker is a navigational tool for monitoring the movement and the location of your Pet. Dog owners can remotely control the progress of their Dog on phone in real-time.

The dog GPS tracking device is now used not only to help you know the wear about your pets, but it can also even monitor its activities in your absence. The GPS pet microchip is attached to the pet’s collar. This way, it transmits position signals all the time and helps you keep a tab on your pet.

With so many GPS dog microchip and Activity Monitor in the market, this article is your best bet. With all the research done for you based on 5-star reviews, all you need do is to pick one that best suits your pet and budget. Also, See what’s new in the wireless fence reviews.

Winner of the List:

SaleBestseller No. 1
Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker - Location & Activity Tracker for
185 Reviews
Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker - Location & Activity Tracker for......
  • LIVE TRACKING & LOCATION HISTORY - Pinpoint the real-time location of your furry friend when it matters most and see the history of places your dog...
  • VIRTUAL FENCE - Define a safe area and get an instant notification if your pet leaves the area. Dog tracking has never been easier.
  • ACTIVITY MONITORING: Keep your dog healthy with the integrated dog fitness tracker

10 Best GPS Dog Trackers 2020 – Price Comparison

GPS TrackersFeaturesPrices
Findster Duo+ Pet TrackerLong battery life of up to 12 hours
SportDOG Brand TEK SeriesAccurate GPS coverage
GIBI 2nd GenWater-resistant
Garmin Alpha 100Track a dog in real-time
Link AKC Smart TrackerLightweight
Whistle TrackerIt provides alerts in real-time
Tractive 3G TrackerIts coverage is unlimited
Advanced Pet Tracking TagTrack up to 4 Dogs
Smart Dog TrackerCommunicate remotely with Dogs
Nano GPS Dog TrackerIt works with cellular and satellite

Best GPS Dog Trackers Reviews 2020

It is important to use it for dog safety and we review the top 10 trackers for you. So, you can easily pick the right one. Sit back and read.

Today there are a lot of different devices to protect your dog at all times. That’s why here you can find the best GPS dog tracker. In particular, these devices require a subscription and provide a high level of functionality.

That is why here you will find the three best options that are available in the market. In turn, you could not only track your dog but also obtain data on your pet’s activity. So, it will be much easier to know your dog’s health status and different statistics with just one device.

1) Tractive LTE – Location & Activity Tracker for Dogs

Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker - Location & Activity Tracker for
185 Reviews
Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker - Location & Activity Tracker for......
  • LIVE TRACKING & LOCATION HISTORY - Pinpoint the real-time location of your furry friend when it matters most and see the history of places your dog...
  • VIRTUAL FENCE - Define a safe area and get an instant notification if your pet leaves the area. Dog tracking has never been easier.
  • ACTIVITY MONITORING: Keep your dog healthy with the integrated dog fitness tracker

Among the best options that are available today in the market, this GPS locator is excellent for dogs. Your dog will be able to be located in real-time no matter where he is. In turn, this device can provide a lot of advantages and benefits to the user.

Adaptable operation:

By using this device, you will be able to establish a certain safe area for your dog. In this way, you will be able to notice that you will not receive any notification if your dog is in a safe area. In other words, it is a virtual area that will keep your dog protected at all times.

Even the dog fitness tracker allows you to obtain certain statistics and useful data. Each of these data allows you to know the activity your dog has performed. In this way, it is much simpler to provide a healthy life for your dog.

Highly functional tracking:

You will have the possibility to use the GPS tracking device in more than 150 countries. Also, you can combine this GPS tracker with a navigator or a mobile device. For that, you must have a mobile device and an Android or iOS operating system. In just a few steps, you will notice how easy it is to track your dog.

To complete this functionality, you need a monthly subscription. Even the SIM card needed to use this tracker is built in. This way, you can get the high-quality performance and increased security for your dog.

Included accessories:

This includes the GPS tracker as well as the USB cable and the instruction manual. It is necessary to consider that this device is very easy to use and can be adapted to a large number of dogs. In turn, the manufacturer offers 2 different subscriptions with different advantages and benefits. This way, you can choose the most convenient one according to your needs.

  • High-quality functionality
  • Unlimited range
  • Includes fitness tracker
  • Basic subscription with few benefits

2) FitBark GPS Dog Tracker

FitBark GPS Dog Tracker | Health & Location Pet Tracking Smart
211 Reviews
FitBark GPS Dog Tracker | Health & Location Pet Tracking Smart......
  • 🌎 SAFETY. Designed for dog parents who worry about losing track of their pups. Get escape alerts & Find your pet in minutes. Requires Wi-Fi,...
  • 🐾 HEALTH. Monitor activity, sleep quality, distance, calorie balance, anxiety, skin conditions and overall health & behavior 24/7. Set ideal goals...
  • 🦴 COMFORT. Lightweight (17 g). Fits 5 lb and 240 lb dogs and most collars up to 1.5” wide. Tough, rugged & waterproof. Battery typically lasts...

Another excellent option that is available today in the market is this excellent functioning GPS tracker. You will be able to track your pet no matter where it is. You will have the possibility to use different covers when you turn on this device.

Comfortable device to use:

In particular, this device only weighs 0.6 ounces. So, as you will notice, this is a very comfortable device for your dog to use. That’s why this GPS tracker can be adapted to dogs weighing 240 pounds or as little as 5 pounds. In any of these cases, you will need a 1.5-inch wide collar.

On the other hand, the battery that is incorporated in this device can offer a time of use between 10 and 20 days. So, this means that you will never run out of battery power in this device. Also, the running time depends on whether you are using Verizon, Bluetooth, or wi-fi connection.

Excellent monitoring:

In addition to tracking your dog’s location, this device offers other alternatives. You will be able to obtain certain statistics and data on your dog’s health at all times. So, this includes skin conditions, anxiety level, caloric balance, distance traveled, sleep quality, among other factors.

Versatile operation:

In this case, it is necessary to consider that this device can be adapted to other intelligent devices. It is an excellent way to be able to adapt this GPS tracker with Google Fit, Apple Helpkit, Apple Watch, or Fitbit. This way you will be able to obtain a greater amount of data to complement your dog’s training. In turn, creating healthier habits will be much easier.

  • Flexible operating device
  • Excellent health monitoring
  • Device adaptable to a large number of dogs
  • Not useful for cats

3) 4G LTE Queclink GL300MG GPS Tracker

4G LTE Queclink GL300MG Real Time GPS Tracker with Solar Powered
61 Reviews
4G LTE Queclink GL300MG Real Time GPS Tracker with Solar Powered......
  • The GL 300MG Solar Powered GPS Tracker is a brand new redesigned model which is far improved over any other GL300MG available on the market. Our...
  • Revolutionary solar powered case has a USB adapter which will keep several other devices powered from solar power. Li-ion polymer battery 3.7V...
  • No installation and can be accessed from any PC, MAC, smartphone, tablet, or iPAD. Real Time Tracking allows the Device to be viewed Anywhere and...

Last but not least, this tracking device is one of the most advanced among those existing in the market today. In this case, it is an excellent functioning device that includes a lithium-ion polymer battery. You will need a few minutes to start using this device efficiently.

High-Quality Functionality:

One of the strengths of this unit is that the battery can be powered by solar energy. Therefore, we must add an excellent capacity of 10,000 mAh. So, at all times you will have enough energy to be able to track your dog. Besides, the USB adapter can offer battery recharging for other different devices.

As if that were not enough, this device can be connected to a smartphone, an iPad, a tablet, a Mac, or a PC. In the same way, you can use an application that is compatible with Android and Apple. In this way, you will have full functionality to track your dog.

Comfortable operation:

7 days a week and 24 hours a day you can receive different alerts. Both in text format and by email these alerts will notify you about the GPS device. So, when your dog is out of a safe area then the notification will let you know this.

This is a very convenient operation to be able to track a dog as well as other animals. If you prefer you can also use this GPS tracker to keep an eye on your young children.

Innovative technology device:

Finally, the manufacturer provides several subscriptions for you to have the best performance. Even you will not need a large amount of money to be able to opt for a very complete service. Also, the cost-benefit ratio of this GPS device is one of the most balanced concerning those found today.

  • High-quality tracker
  • Flexible and versatile connectivity
  • Receiving notifications at all times
  • Somewhat expensive premium subscription

4) SportDOG Brand TEK Series

SportDOG Brand TEK Series 1.5 GPS Tracking System - 7 Mile Range
36 Reviews
SportDOG Brand TEK Series 1.5 GPS Tracking System - 7 Mile Range......
  • US version only; This GPS dog finder receives and displays your dog's GPS Collar location, along with your location, on the Handheld Device's screen
  • The Handheld Device features a tilt-compensated compass and backlit LCD screen with an adjustable scale from 100 yards to 75 miles
  • Featuring HopTek technology, this location system uses GPS satelites, not cell service, to track your dog up to 7 miles away; Track up to 12 dogs with...

The SportDOG Brand TEK 2.0 GPS Tracking System is a GPS Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor that is free of monthly subscription and comes with free map updates. The SportDOG Brand is a boom for all pet owners and trainers. With a capacity to track up to 21 dogs per unit is the best pet dog tracker for owners with multiple dogs.

It can keep track of the locations and can provide valuable data like distance traveled and current speed. It also shows the position of the dog in relation to the other dogs logged in to the system. Thus, making it the best for multiple dog owners and trainers to monitor their pets in the field.

No network coverage? No problem, With the SportDOG Brand TEK 2.0 GPS Tracking System V2-L, you do not have to worry about mobile network connectivity. It uses a satellite technology that makes sure all track of the dog is stored and safe. The GPS Tracking software covers a distance of up to 10 miles in all terrains and weather conditions, making it the best for rural areas.

The prompt updates reach the handheld device. It even has Bluetooth; you can listen to the updates. Be worry-free about your pet crossing a ridge before you while on a trek. Long treks in the mountains or walks in the woods will be more fun and less worrying, even if pets are away from your sight. It is built to endure and last.

The handheld device is submersible and therefore is also a Waterproof Pet GPS Tracker. The collar works flawlessly even in the depth of 25 feet. The handheld device and the collars are equipped with high capacity rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The collar batteries take only four hours to charge and lasts for 24 hours with every charge while the handheld device takes eight hours and lasts for twelve hours. The SportDOG Brand TEK 2.0 GPS Tracking System is built to endure and last longer.

The system comes with preloaded topographical maps that update for life. The advanced technology provides excellent accuracy with images from GPS satellite systems. The diagrams on the handheld device can be used to set up geofences that send an alert every time your pet is on the point or is crossing the fence.

The SportDOG Brand TEK 2.0 GPS Tracking System V2-L is a one-stop solution for all your pet or pet tracking needs.

  • Lifetime free map updates
  • Accurate GPS coverage
  • Water-resistant and shockproof
  • No network coverage needed
  • It requires some practice to operate

5) Link AKC Smart GPS Tracker

LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar - GPS Location Tracker, Activity
964 Reviews
LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar - GPS Location Tracker, Activity......
  • Link AKC SMART dog collar: The only GPS and activity tracker your dog will ever need to keep your dog safe, healthy, and happy. Works with iOS and...
  • Service plan: Link AKC is like a smart phone for your dog & requires service plan connectivity to allow data to be transmitted. Includes an extended ,...
  • Size : don’t stress about which size to order, Link AKC will exchange your collar for free Just call customer service at 866-772-6055 *Not...

Link AKC Smart Collar is perfect for monitoring the movement of all sizes and ages of dogs. It’s been a year since I bought the device for my little puppy and it was very useful. It is strapped on the neck, and your Dog has always been happy with the strap on her neck.

Link AKC Smart Collar blends well with the contours on my puppy’s neck. It has been instrumental in monitoring the movement of the puppy through GPS dog microchip. In addition to movement, it has an activity monitor system for checking the activity level of the Dog with top quality videos and screenshots sent to my phone.

It is one of the best waterproof pet GPS trackers, and it is efficient in monitoring the temperature of your pet also. It beeps whenever the Dog enters areas of high heat or areas that are too low in temperature. The device is resistant to water.

Puppy has been very healthy due to the health monitoring ability and the veterinary record-keeping ability of the device. It alerts and reminds me whenever the health of my Dog is dwindling. More so, I am not perturbed about my Dog’s safety at night because the LINK AKC Smart Collar is embedded with LED light for illumination at night.

  • It is very fashionable as it adds immense beauty to the Dog
  • It reduces the expenses of hiring a veterinary doctor to check my Dog’s health
  • Lightweight
  • Tracking of movement is dependent on the strength of an internet connection

6) Whistle Location Tracker for Pets

Whistle 3 / GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor / Grey
6,221 Reviews
Whistle 3 / GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor / Grey...
  • New Whistle models available: Whistle go explore and Whistle go
  • Nationwide location tracking: pinpoint your pet’s location with this top-rated SMART GPS activity tracker for your pet anywhere AT&T 3g cellular...
  • Proactive alerts: get text, app or email notifications when your pet leaves home.

The Whistle Go/Health & Location Tracker for a pet is simply the best dog tracking device for Pets. If your dog likes swimming in the pool, you will not be perturbed since Whistle Go/Health & location tracker for pets is water-proof. With the device strapped to your dog’s neck, they can swim at a depth of about 3 feet for about 30 minutes without hitches.

If you love your pet and you surely wish to know her whereabouts at all times. Whistle 3 is just the best GPS dog tracker because it monitors, navigates, and provides alerts of dog movement in real-time. The smart Dog tracker allows a secure connection to android and Apple phones. GPS activity monitor is an impressive feature, and the device works nationwide in places where the AT&T 3g cellular services are available. Whistle 3 uses Google maps with the aid of an advanced GPS location tracker. Pets love going around with it as the device is beautifully designed to boost their appearance. More so, it is lightweight and does not affect neck movement.

Whistle Go/Health & location tracker for pets sends alerts to owners’ phones whenever pets enter zones marked as dangerous and harmful. It also monitors the changes in the temperature and the health of your dog. The battery embedded in whistle 3 is long-lasting. It usually lasts for one week when it is charged. One thing that we love most about whistle 3 is that it is not financially demanding. Whistle 3 is indeed one of the most Affordable GPS Dog Tracker and the cost of a subscription is pocket-friendly.

  • It is long-lasting and water-resistant
  • It provides alerts in real-time
  • It is easy and straightforward to use
  • A weak network may cause a delay in getting alert

7) Tractive 3G Dog GPS Tracker

Tractive 3G GPS Dog Tracker – Dog Tracking Device with
1,115 Reviews
Tractive 3G GPS Dog Tracker – Dog Tracking Device with......
  • Subscription Plan needed – starting at only $ 4. 99/ month with different subscription plans available. Similar to your cellphone, this low fee...
  • Tractive Dog GPS tracker – lightweight & waterproof GPS tracking device, recommended for pets above 9 pounds. For safe dogs The robust GPS pet...
  • Live tracking with your Tractive Dog Finder – pinpoint the real-time location of your furry friend when it matters most and share it with family and...

The Tractive 3G Dog GPS Tracker is one of the best GPS dog trackers. It has been very effective in keeping our family abreast of the whereabouts of our Pet dog. We love her, but the stress of following her around was very cumbersome. She loves to wander around our neighborhood, and we used to go around in search of our favorite pet at night. Tractive 3G Dog GPS Tracker assist you immensely in solving this problem. It is very powerful and efficient in unraveling the safety of the pet in rural and urban places. Its coverage is unlimited as it spreads across all countries in the world.

The wide and expansive coverage ability of the device is awesome. It can serve you for over a year. And pet owners can successfully monitor the positional history of your dog during even while on vacation abroad. The battery life is superb with a charge-time of 2hours. The device is embedded with awesome features that can monitor carefully selected areas considered as safe and areas considered as unsafe. Alerts deduced from the device are quick and in real-time. The virtual fence feature of the device operates in real-time. It alerts you of your pet movement even before she gets to the boundary of the safe areas.

Tractive 3G Dog GPS Tracker has a high range of coverage. It is perfectly knitted with the GPS dog chip to offer immense security for dogs above 9 pounds. The device adds little or no weight to your furry friend. It typifies a perfect waterproof pet GPS tracker as it can function inside water for more than 30 minutes without hitches.

The system is digitally connected to our mobile phones. We both receive instant alerts, Images, positional history, and navigation of our dog. The system is highly simplified and ideal for use by beginners, making it one of the best Dog tracking devices.

  • It is long-lasting and water-resistant
  • It provides alerts in real-time
  • It is easy and straightforward to use
  • It is not ideal for Dogs less than 9 pounds in weight

8) Eureka Technology Advanced Pet Tracking Tag

Eureka Technology MARCOPOLO Advanced Pet Monitoring, Tracking and
142 Reviews
Eureka Technology MARCOPOLO Advanced Pet Monitoring, Tracking and......
  • Works anywhere, totally self-contained, no GPS or cell network required, no monthly service contracts, ideal for traveling with your pets
  • Simple to setup and use, single button-push to begin searching for lost pets with real-time distance and direction feedback
  • Includes everything needed for 1-pet, may be expanded to handle up to three pets with purchase of additional tracking tags (sold separately)

The Eureka technology Marco Polo Advanced Pet Tracking Tags are specially designed for a large range of Pets. It is efficient for both small and large pets. Our pet dogs are stubborn, rugged, and playful. Some of them can jump in and out of water for fun, and the Marco polo Advanced Pet tracking Tags are just perfect for them.

The device features a very active GPS Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor composed of rough ballistic holders who are coupled to their collar. They are well-knitted with nylon. The tags are lightweight and water-resistant. The Marco Polo Advanced pet tracking Tags are used for tracking the navigation of a multiplicity of dogs. A tracking tag is assigned to every dog while they are all connected to the central locator system.

We are highly impressed by the precision and accuracy of this device. It monitors and tracks the movement of all the dogs at different locations simultaneously. A plethora of dog trackers reviews shows that this device is widely considered as the best dog tracking device and is the best for multiple Dogs. It does not record interferences in the network connection.

It can work in all places as it does not require GPS or cellular network. More so, the device does not require monthly subscriptions.

  • The battery is very powerful
  • It is efficient in locating both Cats and Dogs
  • It can be used for tracking up to 4 Dogs
  • It is not ideal for pets whose collar lengths are less than 7 inches

9) BLACK+DECKER Smart Dog Tracker

BLACK+DECKER Smart Dog Collar, GPS Tracker, 2-Way Audio, Water
147 Reviews
BLACK+DECKER Smart Dog Collar, GPS Tracker, 2-Way Audio, Water......
  • GPS & Activity Tracking - Always know the exact location of your best friend with precise GPS! Track how far they roam, how much they play, and what...
  • Customizable Geofence Zones - Use the app to trace safety zones around your yard or favorite park, and get instant alerts when your dog has gone...
  • 2-Way Audio - Stay connected with your dog from anywhere! With 2-way audio you can call them home, reassure them when you are away, and hear them...

The Black+Decker smart dog collar makes it possible for every pet owner to ascertain the specific location and positioning of our puppy. It is one of the best pet dog trackers as it keeps pet owners in constant connection with their pets.

The GPS feature of the system detects the pet’s location with high precision and accuracy. My dog enjoys playing around the neighborhood with other puppies, and their whereabouts were always our concern. In the past, we tried to control her movements by locking her inside the premises, thus denying her free motion. She became very sick, and we saw the need to allow her to move freely. By purchasing the BLACK+DECKER Smart Dog Collar, we gave our puppy more freedom to roam about the neighborhood. The GPS Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor feature are very efficient in navigation detection. We can remotely know the dog’s mood, what she does, and many more.

The device tracks and records the favorite routes of the pet. We can now relax and work with fewer disturbances at work while receiving alerts on our phones. We now know her most favorite playgrounds and wandering regions.

The device has given us peace of mind, and it has boosted the cordiality between our puppy and us. We can now communicate freely with our puppy through the 2-way audio feature, which allows us to talk to our dog as though we are close to them.

When we travel long distances, we usually call her to tell her we love her and will be back soon. We can call her home and hear them respond. We are assured of the safety of our dog. The virtual Dog Tag works with the GPS dog chip and gives identity to her. Our neighbors can quickly know our puppy by name, and our contact details are shown whenever she misses her way. She is neat and clean and would always take a dip whenever she sees a pool. This does not affect the device as it is water-resistant and lightweight.

  • Pet owners can communicate remotely with their Dogs
  • The cost of a subscription is low
  • It is water-resistant
  • The navigation map does not fit perfectly to the phone screen

10) Find My Pet Nano GPS Dog Tracker

Find My Pet GPS Nano GPS Dog Tracker
77 Reviews
Find My Pet GPS Nano GPS Dog Tracker...
  • FIND MY PET NANO IS A GPS DOG TRACKING DEVICE: To provide the MOST ACCURATE LOCATION it needs to be outdoors so it can connect with GPS satellites. If...
  • WI-FI AND BLUETOOTH ENABLED: Unlike most GPS dog trackers, the Find My Pet Nano can track accurately indoors and out using existing WI-FI and...
  • FIND & TRACK YOUR PET ANYWHERE WORLDWIDE: You will be able to track and locate your dog on your smartphone (Free Android & iPhone Apps) anywhere in...

Find My Pet Nano is also one of the Best GPS dog trackers because of its versatility and worldwide connectivity. It works by GPS connection with satellites. The unavailability of the satellite network is never a hindrance. In such cases, the device will quickly search for available Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals. If not found, it will soon connect with a cell phone network. This allows it to work indoors and outdoors and is best for rural areas. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections are beneficial for indoor connectivity.

It is lightweight and straightforward. My wife was able to unpack and couple the device at first sight. The location tracking is in real-time, and it is worldwide. We can track our dog while on vacation overseas because the connectivity is worldwide. We can easily view our dog’s navigation and activities anywhere in the world as long as there is a cell phone network. The battery is rechargeable and long-lasting.

The minimum battery life is two days but can last for as long as five days. It is best for multiple dogs tracking. We track and monitor our dog and her three puppies by adding them to the system. A plethora of dog trackers reviews shows that the device is widely regarded by pet owners as the best dog tracking device. They regularly communicate with them remotely to control their movement and call them home and away from danger zones. It is pocket-friendly. Virtually every home can afford it. We were given a one-month free subscription while subsequent subscriptions to the cell network.

  • It is cheap and can work inside water
  • It works with cellular and satellite networks
  • Pet owners can track and monitor the activities of dog
  • The alert lags in real-time

11) Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker

What we love about the Findster Duo Pet Tracker is that it is free. One needs no monthly or subscription fee. With its MAZE technology, your GPS dog chip requires no sim card. It is the best pet dog trackers, one can use anywhere in the world.

It is a real-time pet tracker and allows you to set a perimeter for your dog. Perimeter range of up to 3 miles in less dense areas is achievable and gets instant notification of any breach. It is also an activity tracker and helps you know if your pet is doing enough exercise.

It is designed to track more than one pet and best for multiple dogs. Another handy feature is that it is a Waterproof Pet GPS Tracker. That means, your dog can get soaking wet without you worrying about loss of signal or total wreckage of the device. It is shockproof too.

  • It Works anywhere in the world
  • The long battery life of up to 12 hours
  • No charges aside from purchasing fee
  • No sim needed & Waterproof
  • Only available for small pets

12) GIBI 2nd Gen GPS Tracker

GIBI 2nd Gen Pet GPS Tracker (Locator) to Help Find and Keep
25 Reviews
GIBI 2nd Gen Pet GPS Tracker (Locator) to Help Find and Keep......
  • Gibi's 2nd GENERATION TRACKER. Same compact, lightweight, IP-67 WATERPROOF design as first generation model with updated electronics to provide longer...
  • Get in/out of safe zone alerts. Create multiple safe zones in any polygon, small or large. We monitor the safe zones and alert you via text/email when...
  • Long battery life and get low battery alerts in plenty of time to recharge your pet’s Gibi.

The Gibe Pet master kit tracker is efficient in keeping Dogs and other household pets safe. This GPS Pet Tracker monitors your Dog through the virtual fence feature to ascertain whether the pet is within safe zones. If by chance, your dog wanders off into an unsafe zone, you will surely get an alert.

The good news is, it works with the Google map and you can locate the in and out of movements of the Pets. Gibe Pet master kit tracker is very precise and accurate and monitors the movement of the Dog in real-time. So you worry about your dog or pet less.

This Affordable GPS Dog Tracker is very light and your pet will not even notice it is there. Besides is waterproof also. This Mini Pet Tracker GPS Locator is equipped with a very active GPS dog chip making it efficient in both urban and rural or wooded regions.

The pet Gibi has a long battery life, and there are ample alerts whenever the battery is low. Owners can access the Gibi App, any type of smartphone. Moreover, navigation of the pet is monitored through the internet connectivity of the smartphone.

Dog owners can monitor the movement of their Dogs 24/7 at a cost.

  • Neck and collar attachments are lightweight
  • It works through GPS Satellites
  • Water-resistant
  • SMS alerts to phone and mail whenever something is wrong
  • It requires internet connectivity all the time

13) Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle – Multi-dog Tracking System

Garmin Alpha 100/TT 15 Mini Bundle
51 Reviews
Garmin Alpha 100/TT 15 Mini Bundle...
  • MULTI-DOG TRACKING - Track up to 20 dogs or fellow hunters when using additional Alpha 100 handhelds or TT 15 (standard and/or mini) dog devices (may...
  • EMERGENCY ALERT - Ability to send your location with an emergency alert to other Alpha users within the area.
  • PRELOADED MAPPING - Preloaded detailed TOPO U.S. 100K maps comparable to 1:100,000 scale USGS maps.

The Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle is one of the first generation best pet dog trackers in the market. This GPS dog collar is portable for both large and small dogs. With its real-time tracking that updates every 5 seconds, you are sure to keep an eye on your dogs always.

The Garmin can track one dog at a time and have the feature to connect with similar devices on the radar. It keeps track of the dog even when you are training them. Moreover, it has a colorful display each time it updates.

The Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle comes with a card slot. This allows the trainer or owner to upload a TOPO U.S. 100K. This map is built to show you elevation, depressions, and all cantors in the geographical region. Also, help you select an area or safe perimeter for your pet.

Another handy feature about this Smart Dog tracker is that it can easily connect to other Garmin Alpha devices around. Moreover, it has a base station on a laptop that gives real-time information on a larger display screen. It has a long battery life of up to 40 hours and gets notified when it is low. Also, another attractive feature is the LED rescue light mode. When remotely enabled helps owners find their dog in the dark.

  • Micro SD card for uploading TOPO US maps
  • Track a dog in real-time
  • The base station helps with a better and larger display
  • Is a bit pricy?

Things to Consider Before Buying GPS Dog Tracker

We all know that every good GPS pet tracker should have some qualities we are looking for. Before buying any tracking device for pets, one should first consider what exactly the purpose is or what I want from it? With many products claiming to be the best dog tracking device, don’t get confused as to what to buy.  This section will list and explain some of the key features to make sure your GPS pet tracker have before paying for it.

1) Range

Our pets love to wander off whenever they get the chance. A perimeter fence is no longer the only option, to make sure you find your pet with any Mini Pet Tracker GPS Locator; the range is the first feature to look out for. The range is the distance between you and the tracker on your pet. This includes the buildings and trees and how densely packed they are. They range of a tracker depends on either the network or the satellite providing service to the device.

The longer the range, the better and more efficient the device. Because you will be able to find your pet within reasonable limits, some dog GPS tracker uses Google map should incase your pet is no longer within the safe zone created.

2) Handheld Device

A handheld device is any device that helps you monitor your pet from far away. A handheld device can be a remote GPS control or your phone, iPad, computer, and any compactable device. On your handheld device, the tracker company app can be installed. From there, you can create a safe zone for your pet. The handheld device can also be used to receive all notifications from the GPS Pet Tracker. You can also track the health, activities, or even sleep habits of your dog from the device. The best part of having a handheld device is you know exactly when, whatever is happening to your pet in real-time. Some trackers are equipped with an SOS button. When this is pressed, it sends a signal to you on a handheld device of choice. This way, you know exactly where your pet is and pick them up.

3) Battery Life

Long battery life is another essential feature to look out for when buying GPS trackers for small dogs or GPS trackers for large dogs. Battery life affects signal transmission. Moreover, the longer your tracking device battery lasts, the better it is to find a missing pet. The battery life of most dog GPS trackers can last for about 3-12 hours on a single charge. Dog trackers reviews report some that are capable of working for as long as four days. So, if you are a busy owner and cannot keep up with the changing pace of short battery life, get the one that lasts for months on a single charge.

4) Design

The design of the best pet dog trackers should satisfy two conditions.

  • Pet comfort
  • Durability

Most pet collars are made from plastic materials, and this, to some extent, makes it prone to damage. Owners should make sure the material is long-lasting. Go for those with a long period of warranty and refund policy.

Pet comfort must also be considered when getting a GPS Pet Tracker. This device is placed around the collar of your pet. So, go for one that fits your dog and not hinders the dog’s daily activities nor chocks your pet.

5) Size & Weight

GPS dog tracker comes in various sizes and weights. We have GPS trackers for small dogs and GPS trackers for large dogs. The dimension of a tracking device matters a lot because this determines the size of your pet’s collar. You do not want to get what will end up being too small or large. The larger a GPS Pet Tracker is the more weight it will carry. If a Smart Dog tracker is too large and heavy, your pet will always use their paw to try to remove it. Moreover, this may result in damaging the device. So go for something that your dog will not even know is there.

6) Real-time mapping

Real-time mapping is the main reason you got the best dog tracking device, if not, how on earth will you know the location of your pet on earth. Real-time mapping is what a GPS device is meant for. For this, go for the best GPS Pet Tracker with fine mapping. This feature helps pet owners to know the exact location of the pet on their handheld device.


A microchip is a device used to store information. This information is stored in a type of alphabet called binary code. A dog microchip contains a registration number and phone number of the registry which is specific to the brand of the chip. If a pet is lost, the animal can be reunited with its owner.

On the other hand, a GPS Tracker uses a network of satellites to determine the location of a device. A GPS Tracker, e.g., a dog GPS tracking device can help pet owners find their missing dogs.

Similarities between Microchip and GPS Tracker

  • Play key roles in finding your pet.
  • Can be tracked to a contact address

Differences between Microchip and GPS Tracker

DifferencesMicrochipGPS Trackers
FunctionMicrochip serves as a permanent form of identification for your pet when it is scannedGPS tracking device will reveal the location of your pet.
Power SourceDoes not require a power sourceGPS tracker does need a power source.
Appearance and SizeMicrochip is small and discreetGPS tracker is larger

The Importance of GPS Pet Microchip Combination

The function of a GPS tracker and microchip are quite different. The best way to ensure your dog or pet is safe is to get a combination of both. A GPS dog microchip or GPS dog chip will consist of the dog chip implanted in your pet. Afterward, you can purchase an Affordable GPS Dog Tracker.

GPS Dog Trackers Best for Rural Areas

If your pet wanders into a location that is not easily determined by a regular GPS tracker, such as a dense forest or similar setting, you’re going to need a device that is best for rural areas. This includes pet trackers that operate by radiofrequency. An example of such a device is Garmin Astro 320, which is also able to track multiple dogs at a time.

Mini Pet Tracker GPS Locator

For small dogs and cats, it is best to purchase a Mini Pet Tracker GPS Locator. These lightweight devices are very portable and comfortable for small pets. They are also very discreet and lightweight. A mini tracker may weigh about 23 grams or more and is a great fit for small cats and dogs. An example is the Mini Pet Tracker GPS Locator for Dogs and Cats that weigh less than your average pets.

Your pet’s safety matters and you need to be able to keep track of them if they decide to go on an adventure without you. Increase the chances of being reunited with your pet by purchasing a GPS pet tracker and activity monitor.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you track your dog with a microchip?

No, you cannot. But the founder can take the pet to a vet or a location where the GPS dog microchip can be scanned. This way, it displays the company’s name. Contact with them will provide information on how to reach you.

  • Do I need to download an app to use a GPS dog collar?

An app may not be necessary. You can get messages from the GPS dog collar company.

An app though is an added advantage because it links you directly to your pet. However, it comes with an additional charge.

  • Do all GPS dog collars require a monthly fee?

No, not all GPS Dog Collar requires a monthly fee. If you do not want the fees, look for pet GPS trackers with zero subscription charges. However, charges can be as low as $6/month. This is quite reasonable: if you are on a budget and at the same time want the best for your pet friend.

  • How much does it cost to put a GPS chip in a dog?

It can cost between $45-$60 USD to get this procedure done by a trained vet. Depending on where you got your pet from, some may already have a microchip. If there is a dog microchip in your pet, it has been registered in the recovery database already.

  • What is the smallest GPS tracker?

Well, there are a lot of very tiny trackers out there so small that you might lose track of what to pick. TrackerPad has a coin size tracker. You can check that out.

Final Verdict:

After having the best GPS tracker, you can count on a higher level of security for your dog. This way, you will be able to know the location of your dog at all times. Even this can be excellent to compliment your dog’s training. In other words, it is one of the best devices for the welfare and protection of your pet.

With so many trackers and chips to choose from I hope you find the best that suits you and your pet. I know it is important for you to want your dog safe and he must remain and united with you. So, you have to take benefit from this advanced technology. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

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