Key criteria to choose the best options of fences and GPS systems to monitor and train your dog

If we worry about placing security mechanisms to protect our assets, how can we not think about buying the best GPS dog fence? There is no doubt that pets are a member of the family, and it cannot be otherwise, because these animals keep us company, protect us and, sometimes, seem to understand us even better than human beings.

Best GPS Dog Fence

Domestic animals, and especially dogs, are integrated as well as the family nucleus that is capable of demonstrating faithfulness to every test. Abundant on the internet stories about dogs that accompany their owners, even after his death, visiting their graves with surprising punctuality.

But even if they are very loyal, they can get away from the house and then forget how to return. Sometimes it is due to their advanced age, because dogs, like humans, can suffer cognitive dysfunction as they get older. It is a set of behavioral changes, which are the product of a degenerative process of your central nervous system. This process, diagnosed in elderly specimens, is known as the dog’s Alzheimer’s.

However, not all pets that are lost are older. Quite the contrary, the results of a study conducted in Mexico City, with almost 300 lost pets; indicate that 52% of the animals were between 6 months and 3 years of age. In this stage, dogs are more curious and are eager to know the world. In the same way, they are more easily distracted and more impulsive.

8 Best GPS Dog Fence Comparison Table

GPS Dog FenceRatingsCheck Price
Dog Expedition TC14.5/5 Check Price
Sportdog GPS Collar4.7/5 Check Price
GPS System - DT Series4.2/5 Check Price
Garmin T5 GPS4.9/5 Check Price
RoamEO GPS Collar4.8/5 Check Price
SportDOG Brand TEK 1.53.6/5 Check Price
Invisible Fence GPS 2.04.1/5 Check Price
Garmin Alpha 100 TT154.5/5 Check Price

The research also provided other useful information that could help us prevent pets from escaping. For example, they found that adopted animals are more reluctant to flee from home and explain it by attributing it to their previous experience in the streets and their experiences of abandonment and insecurity. Therefore, they would be less likely to move away from their owners and stay closer to the smells, noises, and images that are familiar to them.

These dogs also have a better survival rate and a greater chance of being found when they are lost, because they are more able to avoid crossing the tracks, they are not so apprehensive in the presence of strangers in the street, they flee less and are less nervous, which makes it easier for anyone to approach them, identify them and find their owners.

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It should be remembered that in most cases, dogs do not escape because they wish to leave home. It often happens that while walking with their owners, and for going free or not wearing the right straps, they run out in pursuit of any stimulus that catches their attention. Also because they are frightened by a loud noise, such as a horn or braking; because they are in heat and they detected a possible partner, or simply, they got distracted and then they did not know how to find the way back.

What is Best GPS Dog Fence And How is it working?

In all these situations it is advisable to be prepared and choose a reliable method that allows us to locate our pet in case of loss. For this, for a few years, we can count on a GPS dog fence. In the market, there are many models, from what is incorporated into the dog collar, to the smallest, sold separately and can be attached to the harness we have.

The operation of these devices is very simple because basically, it is the same used to track vehicles. These are dog fences equipped with a GPS signal receiver (or global positioning system), which allows us to identify, with high precision; the location coordinates of our pet. The GPS is a navigation system based on satellite information, which provides information about the location in real-time, which is provided by a network of satellites.

Currently, there are two categories of GPS devices, traditional and assisted. The traditional GPS works through a radio transmission system placed on the dog’s collar; while the assisted use the technology of the mobile phone, as they incorporate a SIM card, ie a smart card that connects the device with the network.

Each of these versions has its advantages and disadvantages because while traditional models have a smaller transmission area, which can range from 1.6 to 20 km, the range of assisted GPS will only depend on the countries or zones of coverage of your telephone line. But this implies that the assisted GPS requires the payment of a monthly subscription fee to the service, since, like mobile phones use the transmission towers to send the data, and you must also download an app on your phone to be able to receive the information. In contrast, traditional GPS does not depend on telephony (and therefore, you can receive the location of your dog even if it is in areas where there is no coverage), and do not require a subscription to any monthly plan.

With any of these systems, you can receive the geographic coordinates of the point where the animal is, either through SMS, the mobile application of the provider, or email.

Some of these devices also store previous information, which would allow us to know where you have been in previous days. This can be useful, for example, if we need to know where you were able to eat something that was indigestible or where you were in contact with something that caused you allergies.

These are very important factors to keep in mind when you decide to acquire a GPS dog fence. You will not only have to weigh the current cost of the fence but also the economic burden it may represent in the future. Also, you should consider the scope of your coverage based on the freedom of movement of your pet or the chances of it escaping.

A dog that usually comes out on a leash and does not usually run freely will be less likely to get away from their owners. Although, as in everything, there are exceptions, because if by chance released accidentally, it can be interpreted by the animal as his golden opportunity to know the world, and will not notice the distance traveled until it may be too late to go back with your family.

Always remember that there are general considerations, which apply according to the breed, size, and habits of the animal, but we speak of very intelligent living beings, with characteristics of their own personality.

In any case, GPS is much more effective than other alternatives for monitoring pets, such as chips. These are electronic implants that are placed through an injection between the dog’s shoulder blades. It is an intervention that any veterinarian can do, but that, like any operation, as simple as it is, has risks of infection or rejection. That microchip will be associated with a card with the data of the pet and its owner; information that is stored in a central registry. The problem with this system is that just as there are different brands of chips there are also different types of readers for each of them and you should trust that whoever finds your animal, refer you to a clinic or center that has the same microchip reader installed. Otherwise, you cannot access the registration information.

Another option is smart cards, which have a QR code easily readable with any mobile phone. If a person finds your lost dog and reads this code, you will receive on your mobile the data of your location, thanks to an app that you must install on your phone. But in both cases, you depend on your dog being found by someone willing to take the trouble of trying to locate its owner.

On the contrary, GPS devices are autonomous and you only have to access the information system to locate your dog. Unfortunately, they tend to be a little more expensive than the other alternatives, but there is no point in a protection system that does not offer adequate coverage. And, let’s be honest, is it possible that we can value in money the value of the pet for our family?

Top 8 Best GPS Dog Fence of 2019 Reviews

By doing depth research on these smart dog fences we pick up top 5 for you. These are the latest reviews from our experts. You are going to read unbiased reviews and you can pick one of them after reading this guide.

1) Dog Expedition TC1 Border Patrol

Dog Expedition TC1 Border Patrol

The first equipment analyzed is the TC1 Border Patrol, with the GPS system and remote trainer of the Dog Expedition firm.

It is a truly portable system, completely wireless, with which you can define an active area of 800 yards (approximately 800 meters). It is intended for outdoor use when you go to the countryside or the beach and want to allow your pet to move with some freedom, but without risking losing it.

But if this were to happen, TC1 Border Patrol is equipped with a GPS transmitter capable of determining the position and location of your dog on demand, up to a distance of up to 3 kilometers, with good accuracy.

It is not the newest model in the market, but it still has many followers. As a remote training system, it offers the promise of getting your dog to learn to stay within the radius of action defined, without deviating from the path. But everything will depend on the animal’s abilities to learn and your ability as a trainer.

The product is guaranteed for one year and is recommended, mainly, for pets weighing more than 35 pounds (15 kg).

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  • Portable dog fence (Fully Custom)
  • 800-yards of range
  • Perfect for Home, Camping And trip purpose


  • Expensive

2) SportDOG Brand HoundHunter 3225 Remote Trainer

SportDOG Brand HoundHunter 3225 Remote Trainer

The SportDog TEK Series is the second pick of the best GPS dog fence, with GPS and electronic collar option is an alternative similar to the Dog Expedition team. This device receives the data and displays on a map of your location and the location of your dog’s GPS collar, with a range of up to 16 kilometers.

In training mode, it provides 99 stimulation levels, as well as tone and vibration signals.

Neither does it require the mobile phone service, since it works with HopTek technology and GPS satellites.

Being a transmitter unit, you can track and train up to 21 dogs; it will only be necessary to purchase additional TEK Series 2.0 GPS + Collar E Add-A-Dog (TEK-2AD) collars.

The information can be received in text mode, or also as audio since it is compatible with Bluetooth headsets.

One of the most outstanding features of this equipment is that both the portable device and the GPS collar are waterproof and submersible.

It comes equipped with its charger and USB cables that will allow easy updating with the desktop application.

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  • Good transmitter’s dial Level
  • 2 Mile Range
  • Perfect for Home, Camping And trip purpose
  • Perfect 2 batteries


  • Bettery is not replaceable

3) GPS Dog Containment Systems

GPS Dog Containment Systems

Another very good option is the DT Systems Border Patrol GPS Containment System. This solid and reliable electronic fence for dogs, which also includes the remote training unit, will withstand the most extreme field conditions since both the collar and the portable unit is water-resistant.

The system offers the possibility of programming 50 levels of stimulation intensity, to facilitate remote training, and both vibrations and up and down stimulation can be applied, from a distance of 3 kilometers. In addition, the warning zones are indicated in different ways, allowing better signaling of the demarcations; thus, it can be programmed with vibration, beep, vibration/stimulation or beep/stimulation.

With the GPS fence mode, you can set up custom training radios, with distances between 15 and 800 feet, and mark up to four additional waypoints.

The receiver is equipped with a 2.4 “color TFT LCD screen for easy viewing.

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  • Perfect for every kind of dog
  • 2 Mile Range
  • Perfect for Home, Camping And trip purpose


  • None

4) Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar

Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar

For its part, the Garmin T5 best GPS dog collar is a high sensitivity tracking device with the rechargeable battery. That is, you will need to buy the transmission unit separately.

The good thing is that this necklace is compatible with the Garmin Alpha 100, Astro 320 and Astro 430 systems. As if this were not enough, you can trace a necklace from more than one device, for example, your mobile and/or your computer.

It works like traditional GPS so you will not have any additional monthly charges.

It stands out its resistance to water, with a capacity of immersion up to 10 meters deep. Also, its reach exceeds 14 kilometers so it will allow you very good control of your pet in open spaces.

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  • High-Sensitivity GPS & 9 Mile of Range
  • Neck size: Minimum of 9.5 Inch
  • Battery life 20-40 hrs
  • You can manage it with your smart phone


  • It doesn’t have charger and you have to buy it seprate.

5) AngelaKerry Wireless Dog Fence System with GPS

AngelaKerry Wireless Dog Fence System with GPS

In the latest GPS dog fences the AngelaKerry Wireless Dog Fence System with GPS right on top. Because they are using those features which most of the brands are lack to add in their fences and collars. They come up with Rechargeable and Waterproof protection which means you can carry it any where and any weather.

You can cover 850 Yard with the help of it, which is a good area and you can easily make ground for your dog to play there.

If you have only 1 dog and you want to make a perfect fence for him then AngelaKerry is the right selection for you.

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  • Came in black color and good to buy for 1 dog
  • Good for outdoor purpose
  • Rechargeable & Waterproof
  • 850YD Remote for 15lbs-120lbs Dogs


  • The product works great, but you have to be exact with the setup

6) SportDOG Brand TEK 1.5

SportDOG Brand TEK Series 1.5

All of the qualities and features we have to consider before getting the collar or fence system. Talking about them why not we cover the SportDog brand because they come in the top-selling brands and they know how to manage the quality level. This series name is TEK and right now they are providing two main products. We discuss both of them because they are using high technology in both devices. First, one is the SportDOG Brand TEK 1.5 GPS system and talking about its features than you can see GPS Tracking + E-Collar and only GPS Tracking. The choice is yours to get the weather you pick it with E-collar weather not. This device helps you to track down your location and your dog location and well. No matter where you training your dog. This device has 99 levels of static stimulation which you can see according to your requirements. It also has tone and vibrates options which helps you to track your dog and by the voice of tone. This is a handheld device which means you can carry it anywhere and has the tilt-compensated compass with an LCD screen. An adjustable scale from 100 yards to 75 miles. You can track your dog up to 7 miles that’s it strong enough and you can train up to 12 dogs with this device.

How this device tracks the dogs?

Well, SportDOG Brand TEK Series is a solid option for you to pick because it can track the dog by showing it’s location on the LCD screen of your device. It also indicates whether it is moving or stopped. and if he is moving then in which direction he is going too.

Technical Details:

Range to track: 7 miles

Train: You can train up to 12 dogs with this device

Correction levels: 99 levels of static stimulation

Receiver battery life: up to 24 hours

Collar battery life: up to 12 hours

Correction options: Continuous stimulation, vibration, tone

7) Invisible Fence GPS 2.0 – Advanced Technology

Invisible Fence GPS 2.0

The Invisible Fence GPS 2.0 is our next pick for your dog to keep it under your training and you must know how to track it and spend time with the dog. Actually, this device makes a lot of things easy for a lot of people now your dog play anywhere and if you are using Invisible Fence GPS 2.0 you don’t have any tension about it that he runs off or do something else because you are taking care of it. This device also made by SportDOG Brand TEK Series GPS Tracking Systems and name it TEK 2.0 which means they modify their last version and give us with advanced technology. The last device only covers 7 miles of the area but it helps you to track your dog up to 10 miles, which is insane for a dog owner. This device has a perfect battery which gives you long stand by time and you can recharge the battery any time with the fast charge. The update which I like the most about the invisible fence GPS 2.0 is live update. The Wire-free Pet Fence is handheld and has 1:100,000 preloaded topo maps with unlimited lifetime map updates. You don’t require any kind of subscription for it. Once you buy the device they update the maps automatically. The SportDOG Brand TEK Series GPS Tracking Systems with E-Collar Option track up to 21 dogs. You can view on the map and listen to the voice of your dogs where they are from which way they move. It included USB Cables and desktop application for updates and both unites are waterproof and submersible as well.

Technical Details:

A map included which shows your dog position you can view and listen as well.

You can help train up to 21 dogs with this handheld GPS training system

It has 10 miles of range to track the dogs

A perfect battery included

Both units are waterproof and rechargeable

8) Garmin Alpha 100 TT15

garmin alpha 100 tt15

Garmin Alpha 100 TT15 is our next satellite dog fence which works with a GPS device and using the latest technology. They have other devices like Garmin Alpha 100 TT15 mini as well. If you are looking for a GPS fence for multiple dogs then this option is perfect for you because it builds to handle multiple dogs at one time. The Garmin Alpha 100 has a display size 1.53 wide x 2.55 high in inches and 3 inches diagonal. You can take multiple benefits in one device and it’s has a map which helps you to track your dog. It has LED beacon lights and Rescue mode. The device also have Stimulation levels-Tone and Vibration which helps you to know what is the exact location of your dog. The battery life of 20-40 hrs you can charge it as well. The unite is the touchscreen with three buttons. You can set virtual boundaries on your device with the help of a map and get alert whenever your dog cross those boundaries. That’s an excellent feature. The Garmin Alpha 100 TT15 have 1-inch black collar strap which fit in any size of the dog. and you can use this device for small and large dogs. It has 5-inches standard and 13-inches extended range antennas.

Technical Details:

Perfect device for multiple dogs (small, large)

Battery Life of 20-40 hours

Set Virtual Boundaries when your dog cross it get alert by device

Display size is 1.53 wide x 2.55 high in inches

Touchscreen LED unite

Best GPS Dog Fence 2019 – Benefits of Using Satellite Dog Fence

If you already decided that best satellite dog fence is the right option to take care of your pet, you must now analyze in detail the characteristics of this equipment, to be able to choose the best GPS 2019 dog fence, according to your needs. Below we will review the most important points you should consider before selecting this device.

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The first element to evaluate will be the size of the team. Actually, it can be difficult to find a GPS for small breed dogs, but it is not impossible. However, you must take into account the size and weight of your pet to select the most appropriate GPS model. A large or heavy device will be very uncomfortable for a small animal that will struggle to get rid of it.

The scope is a crucial factor for a location system. As we have already explained, the type of device determines its coverage, but even among GPS of the same category, there are important variations. Traditional GPS have different radios of action. The character of the pet and the walking routines can give you some clue as to how wide the GPS range should be.

And since we know you want your pet to be always protected, we have to remind you of the importance of looking at your GPS batteries. These devices are powered by rechargeable batteries. Not only do you have to consider how long the battery, but also how many hours it will take to recharge because during that period your pet will not be monitored.

As with many other purchases, quality should be one of your biggest concerns. Being devices that will be in permanent contact with the animal, and that will surely cause some rejection at the beginning, you must make sure that the selected GPS has a robust construction, with resistant materials that can withstand the blows well. Preferably look for water-resistant models that, although they do not guarantee total protection against dives, at least they are safe and working if they accidentally get wet with rain or spills of liquids.

But how to put aside the price factor? We love our animal, but we have to take care of our pocket. Previously we mentioned that you should not only consider the initial investment in the device but the service fees that you will have to pay monthly. The idea is to find a balance between profits and costs.

Last but not least, verify the compatibility, that is, make sure that the geolocation application is operational in the country where you reside because not all best satellite dog fence works globally. Like mobile phones, you should check that the device accepts your operator’s SIM card, and also that the satellite information service covers the geographical area where you are.

Now, you already have all the tools to face the difficult decision of choosing a GPS for your pet. As soon as you start looking for it, you will realize that there are many options in the market, so many that you may feel overwhelmed. But do not worry, because we have given ourselves to the task of identifying the equipment with top sale near GPS dog, to simplify your search.

Wireless vs Wired Dog Fence

But if you are still not fully convinced of using a wireless fence, it may be useful to analyze its pros and cons, in front of Wired Dog Fence.

If we look at the ease of installation, a wireless fence only requires determining the central location for the transmitter and setting the desired limits. Instead, a wire fence should be placed under the grass, to protect it from damage or breakage. This requires digging, which can involve labor costs and a lot of time, especially if the land is large.

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On the other hand, a fenced system allows the better fit the shape of the terrain, while the wireless fences are drawn from the central point where the transmitter is located. It sends a signal to a certain radius, from which a safe circular zone is established. For this same reason, a wireless fence cannot create exclusion zones, which allow bordering pools or ponds, for example.

GPS Dog Fence vs Wired Dog Fence

Likewise, and despite the work and resources required, a wire fence can cover areas as large as desired, while a wireless fence will be conditioned by the limitations of its GPS technology.

On the other hand, the operability of both systems has important differences. A wire fence is more resistant to environmental conditions, while a wireless fence incorporates delicate technology, so it is recommended to protect the base unit indoors.

Likewise, the operation of a wired system will only be interrupted in the event of a power failure or if there is a fault in the cables, while the wireless ones may lose the transmission signal due to interference, such as electronic equipment (television, radio), very dense vegetation, terrain irregularities that prevent communication between lines, etc.

Finally, setting up a wire fence is a laborious task, so if you plan to move or make renovations that affect the limited area, this could be additional work. On the other hand, with a wireless fence, you can modify the security area in a matter of minutes.


In short, there is no single answer about which is the best system to protect your dog, nor about which is the most effective mechanism to train it and prevent it from escaping. Each case is particular, and both the characteristics of your pet and the space and conditions of the place where you live should be analyzed. The ideal combination of the Best Dog fence you can only define it, but at least we hope that with our guidelines and guidance you have a clearer idea of what are the elements to analyze.

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